Friday, July 3, 2009

The park...

Today was only like the second or third day of the summer where it has been hot enough for one to say "wow" it is hot and it is summer! :) Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself how much I love Oregon's weather. It gets hot, but it still cools off in the night and into the morning.

Today the kids and I went to a local park that I love. We met some friends there for some good old fashion fun in the sun. The park has water fountains - just enough water to keep you cool and get the sand wet to play in. It was about 90 degrees when we finally left at 1 in the afternoon. You could tell that we have not been to the park in a while, let alone one with water, because the kids went wild and had a blast. They never complained about the wet sand in their swimsuits. I was actually able to chat with my friend without too many interruptions. At one point I looked at my friend and commented on how I had not heard a peep out of Molly in quite some time. Ahh, the joys of age with child! :)

I share some of the pictures from today. I, of course, brought along the camera because I had yet to capture any pictures of the kids in swimsuits this year. Enjoy!
Molly making "water angels"
The kids splashing away.
The kids kicking away.
Enjoying the fun of a fountain.
Molly, the sunbather.


...I miss my grandparents. The last couple of days I have been thinking of my Oma and Opa alot, and I miss being able to talk with them. Now that they are gone, I feel like our family has gotten smaller by leaps and bounds. I may not have talked with them every week, but just knowing that I could call them brought comfort and love to me. I am happy they are with their Lord, and no longer suffering in their ailments...but I miss their sweet faces!