Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue no more...

Jack, Kyle, and I had been talking about how very dark Jack's room was lately. So, of course, I got a wild hair to paint it a different color. A few months ago we discussed what color to paint it. Jack wanted green but we decided that it would not really lighten the room up any more by changing to green - which was our goal! I suggested yellow, because Jack is a HUGE Oregon Duck fan and he loves the green and gold! (I just pretend that really his is Colorado State Ram fan since they have the same colors !) We got some samples, painted them on the wall, then promptly lived with them there for about two months.

Well, this week was spring break for the kids and we decided to tackle the yellow paint. Four coats of paint later below is what happened. I can not tell you how much brighter his room is. The first night he slept in there he woke up in the morning and told me that he felt like he was waking up in the sunshine! It is a little bright that I feel like people should walk in there with sunglasses on. While it might not be my favorite color of wall that we have painted, it sure does make it lighter and brighter in there. Jack loves it. Kyle loves it. And I am glad that it is done!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

By the way...

The headgear is working its magic. We went for a checkup last week, and we are on track. I am constantly asking Jack to see his teeth. He clamps them together for me - after a roll of the eyes like come on mom - and I marvel at the fact that HIS TOP TEETH ARE NOW OVER HIS BOTTOM TEETH!! In six short weeks, we have changed his jaw that much. The power of orthodontics. Once again it makes me wants to go back to school and become an orthodontist!

Jack, the VIP...

Jack has been patiently waiting to be the class VIP for oh so long. Well, last week was his week. He got to fill out the poster you see in the picture, and then bring toys to school to put on display. It was both amazing and a little annoying at times to be a part of his energy thinking about what to bring to display at school. There were many legos brought as well as his Oregon football. I was quite impressed that he took his Star Wars bear. I thought it was cute, but Kyle thought he might get teased for bringing a stuffed animal to school. (the other boys thought that it was cool, and there was even another little boy who had the exact bear!) Friday he had to do a little "presentation" in front of everyone. He did a great job. He did not seem nervous. We were very proud of him!!

A couple of things to notice about the poster, if you can see it. He decided that he would color the boy to be an Alabama football player - hence the maroon, the 22, and the lines across the face (that is his facemask). He is holding a football as well. I was quite impressed that he chose to color it as a football player instead of trying to make it look like him. He had to list things that he liked and disliked as well as family members and what he wanted to be when he grew up. His favorite food was jambayla. His favorite animals were a cheetah and trout. He dislikes his headgear! He wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. His favorite tv show is ESPN. He favorite books are the Chronicles of Narnia.

I couldn't not put these up too...

We do live in Tracktown USA...

This past Saturday the kids and I went to the annual run, jump, throw clinic that the University puts on. The kids each got to run (Jack a 200m, Molly a 100m), jump a long jump, and throw a "javelin" (made of styrofoam). The rain cleared out for us, but it was a bit breezy and cold! I have a ton of pictures from the day, but share the ones below because they made me smile. I might add some more later on, but know that Kyle might not think our kids will run fast but I disagree and think there might be some track stars in our midst!

I want everyone to look really good at Molly's outfit, smile at it, and then smile more because you now know that Kyle was the one to pick it out. Under the lime green running shirt is a long sleeved black Oregon duck t-shirt and then over that is a short sleeved yellow Oregon Rose Bowl shirt. I was quite amazed when I returned home from my run to see our little girl in this outfit. She looked at me and said, "I didn't even cry about my clothes, Mommy!" I did not get a hello or anything .... just that sentence!

I want everyone who sees this picture to recognize just how high she is off the ground.
My girl can jump!!

I think this picture is great because Jack does not really jump more than he does this side leg kick to get over the "hurdle." He does have the arms swinging with him to give him a little extra something something.

Probably one of most favorite pictures of Jack in the last couple of months. He has such determination right here. I especially love the fact that his tongue is out. It makes me think of my dad. Whenever he use to waterski, he would stick out his tongue. Then today as we were leaving the gym, I was watching Jack run in front of me (and he had shorts on!) and there before me where .... the Little calves. Most people think that Jack is a mini-Kyle. Little do they know that he is much like his Pops - he sticks out his tongue when concentrating hard doing a sport and he has the Little calf (which is really code for a really skinny thin calf, one might say a chicken leg - sorry, dad!).