Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 2 of the remodel ...

This is the little alcove for our bed, which will also have the fuse box in it.  So ... there is a new framed wall to "hide" it that will have a pretty cabinet door for access.

The framed wall for the bed alcove.

By golly, there is a new hole in the wall!  Our new closet door access from the bedroom.
Yesterday was a day of rest, so no work was done on the basement remodel.  These pictures are from Saturday's work.  It was a good day with good work.  Framing takes a long time!  I did not want to bore you all with the little pictures of the rest of the framing and just gave you a couple of the bigger areas.  Kyle finished up some wiring and more lights ... and it is wonderful!  Hopefully, today the framing will be done, some insulation put up, and some more demo on the the bathroom.  Oh yeah, the boys did take out the nasty nasty nasty shower stall to see what they were dealing with in the drain last night.  It looked good, but we have to let go of the nice tiled walk in shower with no door or shower curtain ... the space is too small and the drain is in the wrong place.  But as silver lining Jack would say ... yeah, but at least you can still have a shower down there in the bathroom!

A couple of days rolled into one entry ..x

(I tried to post this yesterday, but the computer was acting up on me!)

We went to this park in Loveland to meet our other cousins and it had this great spot to "swim" in the river.  It was so cute to watch all four of these cousins "walk" across the "waterfall."  They LOVED being in the water that day.

Eleanor and Jack enjoying the shade and a snack

All four of the grandkids got to go to Hobby Lobby and pick out a pinewood derby car.  It might be hard to see but these are the finished product of hard work and lots of good time with pops in the basement sanding, painting, and assembling the cars.

One day we decided to go to the pool.  The kids were more than excited to go.  There was a lazy river that they spent the most time in.  Pops and Grammy even got into the swing of things and got into the pool.  We had fun.  We were not great at applying the sunscreen so everyone got a little too pink for our taste, but they survived.

Grammy taking a break from the water.

We went to the local Foxes baseball game one night.  It just happened to be free t-shirt night and the kids were once again really excited.  Don't you like the really posed picture I got with them in the shirts!

Jack enjoying the game.

Eleanor giving me a great smile ... yes, it did rain on us but we stuck in there!

Pops' silly smile.

The three girls and their coats!  I love the color in this picture.

Rynn giving me a great smile ... because after all I am the annoying aunt with the camera.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 1 of the remodel ...

We have a "wall" to the new bedroom.  The large opening will be the door.

No more three closet doors in one closet.  Our bed will go in this "nook"

Framing to the tv wall.  (Not a great picture, but ... )
So yesterday we commenced on the basement remodel to our new home.  Our friend, Andrew, has willing coming up to spend some time with us and do the construction work with a little help from us.  We had done some demolition to the basement already, but it took a new turn yesterday.  Andrew has worked hard for 2 days now and it is coming along.  I am getting more and more excited as things begin to take shape.  Kyle got the lights in today and wired them up .... and they ALL worked the first try!  I will take some pictures later tonight and post them tomorrow for you all to see the progress.  Stay tune ...

Football and soccer ...

A little stretching before the game

Breaking through the tackle in time to "sack" the quarterback

Striding to go get the ball

Getting to kick off after the other team scored ... I caught her in mid air along with the ball
Well today kicked off our Saturday routine of one football game and one soccer game.  It was a good day.  Beautiful weather with great clouds that threaten the rain but never came.  Many opportunities to cheer the kids on ... but alas the Parker kids came out with a loss each.  Jack played hard and enjoyed being out there once again.  The team only had two practices before this game, so there is still time to gel as a team.  They were only out scored by one touchdown!  Molly had her first official team game EVER.  She only had one practice ... yesterday ... before her big game.  She does not know any of her teammates but is doing really well at getting right in there.  She had a SMILE the size of Texas the whole game.  She said after practice last night that that was the most fun she has had in a really long time.  I think we have won her over to team sports.  She was aggressive in the game and was not afraid to get in there and fight for the ball.  It was a grand day and Kyle really enjoyed Molly's game because he got to sit on the sidelines and WATCH ... no coaching this team!  (FYI ... Molly's coach's name is Coach Little ... too funny!)  Here is to a victory next week, but if not .... here is to a lot of fun and many smiles.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More cousin time...

Rynn and Molly helping me make some cookies

Had to get them in birth order ... 

Had to get them in birth order to see the height difference ...

Aren't they beautiful and so grown up?!

Rynn and Molly doing some chalk drawing one night

Eleanor and Jack working on their throwing with Uncle Jason

Eleanor and Jack were quite the builders with legos and Pops' remote control car
It was wonderful to see the cousins play together and see what they would come up with throughout the days.  They would play all together, then they would pair off, then they would switch pairs.  Since we had a good long 2 week visit it was fun to see their relationship develop and change.  Jack and Eleanor were fast friends and loved doing many of the same things.  Rynn often would do things by herself, but she and Molly also did a lot together.  Molly, being the youngest, sometimes struggled to find her place.  I can remember some of those feelings when I was young and with my cousins ... I too was the youngest!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chicago cousin time...

Rynn, 10 Eleanor, 8 Molly, 7

The girls with the beloved Daisy!

Pops on the porch surveying the family playing in the front yard
The Little family from Chicago arrived in Colorado on the 5th of July for a good and much anticipated visit with us.  The kids were so very excited to see Rynn and Eleanor.  They had not seen each other in 2 very long years.  AND they were bringing their new puppy, Daisy, with them so there would be another dog to love on for 2 whole weeks.  You can see by the girls' smiles that there were many happy times together and lots of laughter.

July 4th ...

Jack ready for his pose

Pops ready for his pose (notice Jack semi-smiling as he works)

Homemade vanilla ice cream

Look at those smiles
We had a low key 4th of July this year.  We did go over to some friends' house for dinner and set off a few illegal fireworks, but no going to a big firework show.  I didn't want to mess with the people and traffic.  Pops and Jack went to Hobby Lobby to get a kit to make a pinewood derby car.  They both were excited to get started.  Pops had the great idea of using the drill with the sanding bit on it to smooth out the edges.  It was fun to see them work on a project, and Pops thought it a good time to teach Jack about taking ones time on a project and not rush through it!  (Final pictures of the car another day!!)  Molly and Grammy made some yummy homemade vanilla ice cream with the fabulous new ice cream maker.  Molly loves to be in the kitchen, and we all got to enjoy the natural goodness of her work.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where did summer go? ....

Granma with her two grandkids!
Jack and Eli looking so old and grown up
Jack had thrown a ball over the fence so this was the two of them trying where it went and how they could find it
I realize that I have not blogged all summer long ... there are many excuses that I could bore you with.  Instead, I have decided to go through my pictures and give you a day at a time.  They will be in order of how they occurred and they will have a little commentary on what happened that day.

So ... this was the July 3rd.  We had just gotten into town.  We drove down to Longmont for the day to visit with cousins and Granma.  The kids were excited to see Shirley, and she was gracious to shower the kids with chocolate pudding, cheetos, and some homemade soda.  They were loving all the goodies.  We then went to see the Andersens.  It was a good day ... we never saw the girls -- hence no pictures of them.  Eli and Jack decided to throw the ball a little.  Eli was pleased to have his picture taken, but Jack was less than thrilled.  They were just all excited to be together, and Holly and I got some good visiting in that day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SCHOOL started today...

Our grown up 4th grader
My little baby bear ready to tackle 2nd grade
Some sibling "love"
The new school building with a great new sign
Molly at her desk with a little hesitant smile ... the nerves had hit and there was some feelings of uncertainty
Jack ready to learn and ready for mom to stop taking pictures, but doesn't he look SO grown up
Well school started this morning ... a new school, a new school building, a new town, new teachers, and new friends.  The kids were more than excited yesterday that school was finally going to begin.  They were all about the new school supplies and getting them ready.  This morning they were up and ready to leave WAY before it was really time to leave.  I, on the other hand, was running behind schedule.  It was been awhile since the routine of school morning has been around ... those school lunches to be made!  We moseyed BY FOOT the two blocks to school for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  The kids didn't really care about it and really just wanted to get inside the building.  We went to their classrooms, and there they are now learning all about their new life at school.  Kyle and I went to a coffee shop to relax a minute and reveling in them being at SCHOOL.  Now life has really begun and the routine of things are on their way ... PRAISE the Lord!  This girl likes routine ... now, I just have to find out what that routine is going to be in Spokane, Washington.

Enjoy the pictures!