Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get ready for picture overload...

Today Jackson Miles Parker turns 9 years old.  He is so excited, and so are we.  I always let the kids know the day before that on their birthday I will be doing over time on the picture taking to make sure that I get that "one" picture.  So ... this morning I told Jack to get his shoes on and go outside in front of the azalea.  (A little commentary on the outfit.  We talked last night about what he was going to wear.  If you know Jack, he lives, eats, and breathes for college gear, t-shirts, and gym shorts.  So Kyle and I knew that he would choose something along those lines.  Kyle, being the wonderful husband that he is, tried to get Jack to please me with khaki shorts and a nice shirt.  I appreciated the effort, but wanted the birthday boy to wear what he wanted.  He did choose a shirt that he made sure we knew he had not worn in a long while, and his standard black gym shorts.  The thing that I want you all to notice is that he has TWO bracelets on his wrist ... one yellow and one green.  He is supporting his two favorite college teams with colors on his body, as is usual ... red for the Alabama Rolltide and yellow/green for the Oregon Ducks.  One has to just ponder on his enthusiasm for a moment and realize that God has truly blessed us with an amazing son who loves life fully!)  He did it and below is what I got ...
 Jack in a simple pose saying..."do I really have to have my picture taken"

 Jack and his smile for the camera smile

 Jack showing his school pride with an "O"

 Jack with showing a little 9 year old bravado

Jack with his eyebrows cocked and ready

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my baby boy!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's in a bag...

Molly is still not feeling well tonight.  Kyle wanted to listen to her lungs just to see how they sounded.  So, he sent Jack off to the end of the hallway to fetch his old trainers bag from the CSU Ram days of many sidelines.  Jack came running back with his eyes wide open and the anticipation of Christmas morning with what might be inside the bag.  Jack laid it down and said, "Hey Dad, what is in this bag?"  He got the stethoscope out for Kyle and then in Jack fashion ... began to empty the bag!  The first thing Jack brought out looked like an old bottle of hydrogen peroxide but was something else.  He got stuff all over his hands so he handed it to me.  Naturally, we turned to look to see when it expired.  I laughed and asked Kyle to guess how old.  He said 2006!  I laughed again, and said guess again.  IT EXPIRED JUNE OF 1992!!  This is funny because ...

  1. I did not meet Kyle until the fall of 1993
  2. We did not get married until summer of 1997
  3. We have moved MANY MANY MANY times and this bag has made it through all of those moves with expired stuff
  4. It took us until our 7 year old daughter being sick for almost 3 days to discover such things
In case you were wondering, we proceeded to go through the rest of the bag and discard of most things.  There were various other "medications" that we well beyond their effective date.  We did laugh that we could sell it to the underground drug ring in Eugene and make some folks happy today, but thought better of it and put it in the trash.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My very favorite picture from yesterday...

There are no words, yet so many that jump into my head when I see this picture.  This is our Molly Bear with a true expression on her face.  She was not happy about birthday pictures, but those that know me know that there was not an option about taking them!  She put her outfit together along with the headband, which she made at a friend's birthday party this past weekend.  I love her smile.  I love the play of color with her outfit and the background.  I love that she is looking down.  I love that she did her own hair, and it looks cute!  I love this "little" girl of ours!

Why is it...

...that when the kids are sick I want to do random cleaning projects and often struggle with just sitting with them.  I always come up with really random cleaning jobs that I have procrastinated on for while to do while they are laying sick on the couch.  I feel bad, but then again they are not asking for me to sit with them ... they are entertained by the tv.

Our baby girl turned 7 ...

Molly turned 7 years old yesterday!  I can not believe that our baby girl is that old ... where does time go!  It was a good day.  I have more pictures to post later, but wanted to get at least one up before it was Jack's birthday.  She did wake up in the middle of the night last night screaming that her throat hurt and she was her own little heater (102.9), so she is at home resting today -- much to her distress.  She went back to bed last night crying about not being able to go to school!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oma and Opa...

Today I miss my grandparents and would love to talk with each of them on the phone.  But alas, that is not a possibility.  My comfort is that they are with their Savior living for the glory of their Lord and one day I will be with them once again.  I have many memories that will put a smile on my face that center around them  ...  and for that I am most thankful to my Lord!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trying for THAT picture...

Long gone are the days when I try to get that ONE picture of our family or with the grandparents.  While I do love the "posed" perfect picture, I have come to really cherish the "messed" up ones more.  They usually have more of a story to them.  They have more life to them.  They have more of the people's personalities to them.  I can look at them and smile bigger because I can relate to the face that I have been given more often than not!  The kids jumped up on the tractor when we first arrived at the orchard.  I, of course, wanted to snap a picture.  Grammy and Pops were more then ready to join in the picture, which I was happy to take.  The first .... Grammy was not "ready" and therefore no smile, but Jack was ready with a smile and his usual eye squint ... especially when it is so very sunny out!  Pops was just loving on Molly and bringing a true smile to her face.  The second ... Jack and Pops were talking about something.  The third ... Pops was kidding with the kids about something and not even paying attention to what I was trying to do.  All in all ... there is not one picture of all of them looking at me, BUT I can recall being there and watching the interaction of my kids with their grandparents on such a wonderful day doing something that will last as a memory, hopefully, for all time.  More priceless than the perfect picture!

A story in pictures....

 Look at those apples up top....

 Just got to bring the branch down a little bit more....

 There I got them, now put it in the bucket....

Detering's once again ...

It was a beautiful fall day to go to the apple orchard!  This was the seventh year in a row that the kids and I went out to Detering's orchard to do some apple picking and enjoy the treats that they have on an October Saturday!  This year was even better because my parents were in town and got to experience it with us.  Kyle was not able to do, but he was there in spirit and he got to enjoy the most amazing apple pie that night!
 Molly in an apple tree enjoying a pick of her own

 Doesn't she look big here ... look at those LONG legs ... notice the K-State wildcat tattoo on her leg (thanks grammy and pops!)

Jack, a little out of focus, but still willing to pose by the pumpkins

 A loving picture with grandparents

 Some sibling love on the old old old rusty tractor

 Grammy taking a big ole bite out an apple

 Jack's pick

Jack up a tree, with a mouth full of apple, handing more down for the spoil

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The chicken made it over....

Our neighbor to the rear of ours got some chickens a while back.  I thought they might be noisy and a little bit of a nuisance, but I have kind of grown to like their little "clucks" during the day as we sit out back!  A little while back I saw the rooster up on our fence.  He did not make it over to our yard, but I thought it was only a little bit of time before he ended up in our backyard.  Well, tonight was the night.  I was serving up dinner for our family ... an enchilada quiche (quite good!) when Jack shouted no way!  He told me that the chicken was in our yard, and of course I questioned him because there was no way he made it over.  I hollered at Kyle to go out there and "throw" him back into his yard.  Kyle does not like chickens ... unless he is eating them ... but he dutifully went out there to try and "throw" him back. Jack and I watched from the window with smiles on our faces.  It was a bit humorous to watch him chase the chicken around the shrubs.  He gave up, because it was time for dinner and it is no fun chasing a chicken.  While we were eating, the rooster went around the grass eating yummies.  Then next thing you know, we hear him making quite a bit of noise.  He had "flown" into the red rhodie in the back and was a bit out of sort about being stuck in the rhodie.  Kyle went out there, got his hands on him, and "tossed" him back over.  I think he will come back and we will have to talk with the neighbor about keeping them out of our yard, but Kyle said that he did not like him handling him and he might not come back.  We will see ....

Molly, the storyteller....

Molly has recently shown in interest in writing a little more as of late.  She sat down the other day and wrote the following ...

"I love high shoes and I love my blanket and I love my red blanket.  Dedicated to Daddy from Molly"

As she was drawing the picture of herself, I encouraged her to not draw with stick figures but to start to put some dimension to her figures.  I drew an example and said ... now you try it out.  The picture above was her second time doing it, and I think she understands what I was getting at.  She says that she likes to draw, and in the last month she has done a collage on her own with a glue stick and pieces of fabric that she cut and pasted all on her own.  She has also listed on her VIP poster for school that when she grows up she would like to be an artist!  Who knew ... certainly not me!!

Last night's football game...

This past weekend the forecaster predicated that we were going to be hit hard with our first rain of the season.  It did rain a bit on Friday, but then it was just overcast the rest of the weekend.  Monday is the day the rain came to Eugene, Oregon!  Molly and I stayed home for two very good reasons ... one.the game did not start until 7pm.  two.it was a down pour of rain!  Kyle and Jack came home, and this is what I was greeted with.  So what does one do ... grab the camera!

(notice the really white socks ... how did that happen?)

Mind you ... I have already washed the uniform and everything successfully came out!
By the way, the mighty Hawks beat their opponents 8 to 12 with only 8 players to the other team's 13 players.  Way to go guys!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What have we been doing? ....

...one might be asking themselves since it has been over a month since my last post.  Whenever I post, I usually make a mental resolution to do better with the blog ... post more often ... share more thoughts ... be more witty ... entertain those few that keep up with this blog.  But alas, I have failed myself again.  I guess one could argue that I have just been doing too much living to take the time to put it into words and pictures.  One could also argue that I am just lazy about it.  I do enjoy writing about the Parker clan because there is a sense that I am reliving the fun memories when I take the time to recount them for you all.  I am often smiling when I type a post or add a caption to a picture.  I guess that is one reason that I continue with the blog.

So I am going to literally list a few things that have happened in the last month.  I have not taken many pictures so words will have to tell the story this time!

1.  I am again training for a half marathon.  It is on November 3rd (I will be running while I think of Opa and the fact that he would have been turning 94!)  So this means that I am amping up my running and that means that Kyle is kind enough to indulge my love of running by watching the kids on Saturday morning.  Of course, this gives him a great excuse to watch Game Day on ESPN.

2. Jack has started another season of flag football.  This year is much better and fun to see the improvement from last year.  He has many more buddies on his team and really enjoying.  I love to think about how he thinks he is black and really really really really really really really fast as he practices running with ball.  I have to fight my practical boring live in the truth side of me and not burst his bubble that he is not LaMichael James and playing for the mighty Oregon Ducks.  They named their team the Hawks.  Jack was hoping that they would have red jerseys, but they got grey.  He was hoping a mother could do add some hawk feathers to the back of the jerseys and they would all get red Under Armor long sleeved shirts with red shorts with red socks and they would transform into Hawks each game.  Alas, that did not happen but I could only smile at the creativity and passion that my son showed in dreaming up such an outfit.

3. Molly FINALLY started gymnastics!  and she LOVES it.  It has a big learning curve, but I have been most proud of her for tackling it.  She really did not know what she was getting into but has taken it on and really made it her own.  She has not given up and I have even seen some really good improvement.  Of course there might be more improvement if there was actual practicing that happened at home!  I have some pictures but have promised not to put them on my blog because she is waiting to put them on her blog.  She too thought that she was going to go in there and be Gabby from the Olympics ... so cute to see the dreaming of a six year old!

4. The picture below is of Jack while he is doing his "presentation" of himself to his class.  He was chosen to be the first VIP of his class this year.  He was so very excited, and he worked very hard on the poster at home.  Each day of that week he took something new into add to his collection of toys there.  I think that he really like the attention of what it was he had brought that morning.  He was not nervous at all to be in front of people.  And I enjoyed getting one of the many projects done and out of the way so early in the school year ... score one for mom!  (Molly is also the first in her class and does it next week ... stay tune for her picture!)

5. My parents came for a visit, but I am going to save the pictures of that trip for another day!

6. The usual church activities are in full swing and keeping us busy.  A little more so this year since Kyle and Davina and their kids are gone.

7.  The kids had their annual Jog-a-thon last week.  I missed it since I was at presbytery with Kyle but my parents got the joy of being there for the kids.  We did a horrible job of raising money for the school, but the kids did well at running/walking.  It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day in Eugene.  Molly ran 11 laps, and Jack ran 16 laps.  So proud of them ... maybe they will be future track runners with me.  I can dream of one day running a marathon with them ... wouldn't that be a hoot!  (YES, I did just type hoot)

Of course there is more, but I do believe that is enough for now.  Besides, it is 1pm here and I have to eat something before I walk to get the kids from school.  It is their Friday ... no school tomorrow!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School days are here again ...

Today began our new school year, so of course, that meant some pictures before we left for school.  I normally take the pictures in front of our azeala but we have our beautiful black-eyed susans still in bloom, so I changed it up!

 Jack and Molly with "jackets on" picture

 Jack and Molly with "no jackets on" picture & a little posing going on

 Molly - 6 1/2 years old.  She looks so old to me - what a year can make!

 Jack - 8 1/2 years old.  Those eyebrows always get me - look at the triangle they make!

 So after school we were just hanging out in the front room talking about the day.  Jack still had his new shoes on and I was just smiling looking at those legs with those feet.  He is growing up so fast.  He is no longer the little boy - he is getting so very big.  By the way, those new shoes are a size 6!

These are the after school pictures that I was able to capture.

They both had a great day.  Molly snuggled up in my lap for awhile.  I think that the "full" day wore her out.  They are both sitting in front of the tv right now.  I figure that with no homework on the first day why not let them veg out because they won't be doing it in the days to come!  They are both excited about their teachers and their classmates.  Jack was excited because he gets computer everyday!  Molly was excited because she has TWO recesses!  I was excited to pick them up from school today!  I missed having Molly around.  I enjoyed my day without them, but it will take some getting used to having them be both gone for the full day.

So in summary ... it was a great day and we are all looking forward to the year that awaits us.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blueberry jam...

I just made my first ever batch of blueberry jam this afternoon.  I made some strawberry jam on the fly a couple of months ago.  It was nice and SWEET!  This batch is a recipe that I found off the internet.  It has cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice in it.  I tasted it ... and it is really really really good!  Come over and try some sometime ....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dirty Dash ...

So the Dirty Dash came to Eugene this year.  It was today, and the kids and I saddled up to go watch some friends run in it.  I had told the kids about the piglet plunge for kids, and they didn't want to do it ... then they wanted to do it ... then they didn't want to do it ... then they wanted to do it and I signed them up so they couldn't change their minds again!   It was a wonderful day for the race.  Everyone had a great time, and there is even excitement about doing it next year!

A much needed "reward" for waiting all day to do the race and not having planned enough to bring enough food and/or money to purchase food!  A real shaved ice ... boy, are they really good.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just had to ....

... repost this picture of my Molly!  A couple of thoughts -- a.  look at how grown up and older she looks;  she is only 6 years old.  b.  look at that smile of complete happiness being in the water and running free as a child should.  c.  who does that tall lanky child belong to?  d.  look really hard and you will glimpse the crooked teeth and have sympathy on Kyle and I have much money spent on that grand smile.  e.  isn't that dress great - you want one for yourself don't you!

(okay, so it was a few more than a couple of thoughts!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

A quick overnight to the coast ...

 This was me on the beach ... very cold!

 This is Jack and how he feels about being at the coast ... putting a hex on the ocean

 Molly enjoying the waves

 The kids "surfing" the waves

 Jack swimming

Molly enjoying herself

A couple of facts ... it was 50 degrees outside, and who knows what the temperature of the water was that day, but whatever it was the kids did not seem at all bothered by the coldness.  It was a quick trip but it was worth the time and effort to get there just to see the smiles and complete joy it brought the kids to be there in the sand and water! 

The end of baseball...

Baseball is finally over!

We hosted a team cookout on Saturday to officially say goodbye to the Wildcat team.  It was a long season, but it was a grand season.  Kyle and Jack learned a lot about baseball.  Jack learned that there was a lot to learn about baseball!! All of the boys improved over the season.  I learned that I could make it through a season with joy and excitement.  I was a little worried that my childhood years spent at the ballpark might have damaged me beyond repair to enjoy Jack's season.