Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stuck in a Rut...

As I was getting ready this morning for the day, I was talking to myself in the mirror. Now for those of you picturing this, it was not out loud, but inside of my head. I was having a conversation about why I have not been into the "blogging" thing lately. Here is what I came up with...I have not really felt like there is anything to say. We seem to be going through the motions of life right now. We have been really really busy, and then there is all of the "household" chores to keep up with. Of course, the kids are funny and keeping us laughing. I have composed many a different blog entries in my mind, but never seem to get around to posting them. Then when I FINALLY get online, the moment is gone and what was so good and witty in my mind is lost to seem dull and something boring that most of you would not really care to read about. I have been trying to not look forward to what life is going to look like when this season of busyness is over, but to grasp that this is what our "normal" looks like now for this season in our life. I am still working on the acceptance of this, but it is looking up.

Now for those of you that might read this and wonder what is up with me, no worries. I am fine, but I have struggled with the amount of wash I have to keep up with, the amount of toys I have to pick up, the amount of crumbs I daily sweep, etc etc. I just keep reminding myself that the kids will grow up way too fast and this season of life will be gone and only a memory - so enjoy it while it is here! is to happy blogging in the future. I have not given up, but hope to find some inspiring things to write about in the coming months. Maybe with my new found spring fever, I will find exciting things to share with you all.