Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swinging on a Sunny Saturday...

Today was a wonderful Saturday - a day that reminded me once again why I LOVE living in Oregon so much. It was cold this morning - around 49 degrees. I met some friends to go for a morning run, meet some more ladies for a walk, coffee, picked up the kids and left home. We went to watch a friend's daughter play soccer, and then went to the local Saturday market for some yummy food. All the while the day warmed up and the sun was shining. Kyle returned from the football game, we relaxed and then had some dinner and went to bed. It was a fun day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blue Orange...

I shipped off my two collages today to part of a show for my high school's 40th anniversary. I used this opportunity to spur me on with my art. I have been wanting to do things, but been real lazy about it. The deadline worked! :) I am fairly happy with the way things turned out. I loved doing them and have ideas to keep it up. I am hopefully going to devote one of the mornings the kids are at school to work more pieces. Through these two, I discovered that I don't have to have a 4 hour block to time to work on it. I can just sit down and work for 30 minutes or so and get things accomplished and not break the creativity. is to finishing the project, to using really bright colors - especially the orange, hoping that someone in Dallas loves them and wants to buy them, and the future of more to come! Enjoy.

I would enjoy hearing what your reactions are to the pieces at first glance. Let me know.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jack's first day of Kindergarten...

Jack checking out his new classroom. The class was split into two different days to start so that it was not so overwhelming to the kids, so there were only about 10 kids today. The classroom was great. Colorful and exciting, yet not too much that one can't think and concentrate.
We were waiting outside the doors to go inside and sitting on a bench. I snapped this, and thought it was a great picture of Jack. He was not nervous at all!
Jack is so proud about his new backpack, which is of Optimus Prime (a transformer). He told me after this picture that it was hard to twist that way - it hurt his neck!
A typical Jack pose. I can remember last year's picture in my mind. He was in a collared shirt that was also striped with shorts and tennis shoes. Some things won't change in the Parker household! He is taller this year, and looks so much more mature. I can't believe this day has come. We are both ready for it, and look forward to the year ahead of us. I think I am just as excited about what he is going to learn this year. I picked him up today and he said that it was great, fun, and he enjoyed it. He told me about drawing a picture of himself, singing a song, showed me how to sign the letter A, about a dino picture in the boys' bathroom and a picture of a map in the girls' bathroom, running up and down a hill during recess, and the fact that there was not a snack. I said that that was good because there was not enough time for a snack and still learn all they needed to learn in 2 1/2 hours! Here's to the new school!

Molly's first day of school...

Jack showing Molly the way to school. She was so excited about her princess backpack. She was ready to go to school!
Mrs. Callahan - her teacher - had them sit down and draw a picture of themselves. It might be hard to see, but I was quite impressed. At the top of the picture, Molly wrote her name all by herself - completely backwards, which is impressive!
I make the kids pose in the backyard before each school year to get a picture. I thought these of Molly capture her personality quite well. I have a bunch more, but thought this was enough to make you smile, and reflect on how much my little baby girl has grown up.