Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best birthday present ever ...

Jack received an erector set for his birthday this year, and to my surprise on my birthday above is what he built all on his own. He started it and Molly got in on the action. I thought it was brilliant and could not pass up taking a picture of it - of course!

What creative kids they are!!

Molly turns 6 years old ...

some classic faces of Molly in her new Grammy-made hat

she is amazing and challenging all at once that when i look at her, i can only smile and be amazed at God's goodness to Kyle and i

Jack turns 8 years old ...

some classic Jack faces, and a reluctance to have his picture taken

i can't believe my baby boy is eight years old - i love him so

Friday, November 18, 2011

Adele ...

If you have talked with me lately about music, you would know that I am a HUGE fan of Adele - especially her 21 album. I like to listen to it ALL the time. I like to listen to it LOUD. I like to listen to it as I RUN on the treadmill with my air drums going! I like to listen to it in the car. I downloaded the album and burned a CD for my personal use, so I like to listen to it in the house while I clean, knit, and whatever else. I even like to dance around the house as I listen to it doing all those "chores."

Why do I divulge all this information to you all ... well, I heard somewhere recently that Adele is one of those singers that people love because you can sing along with her and she makes you think that you are as good as she is singing.

She transports you into thinking that you are famous singer! I can really sing!

What does this say about me ... what does this say about my secret desire to be able to sing ... what does this say about me as a closet dancer .... well, come to my house and experience Adele with me and my inner songtress!