Friday, February 1, 2013

Basketball season is upon us ....

This is not the clearest picture ... actions shots are hard to get in focus.  Our friend, Sam, took this one for me.  Basketball season is here.  I love basketball.  I can keep my mouth shut in most sports Jack plays ... except basketball.  I find myself on the sidelines yelling coaching advice from the stands.  My you ... I do not get mad at him ... just helpful advice on how to guard or to shoot or to screen, etc.  I guess basketball really was my favorite sport growing up.  I had a great coach, who I adored.  I was not all that great at it, but did like it alot.  The Seahawks had a tough game last week.  It was Jack's second game of the season.  The first one was an easy win, and one teammate made most of the baskets.  I think they came into last week's game thinking it would be another easy win.  Their opponent was tough.  They had great shots, and some really great natural talent.  Needless to say, the Seahawks got a spanking.  I can tell you that they did not give up, so while they lost they were great losers!  They never gave up and even looked like they might make it really close at the end but just couldn't pull it out.  The other great things is that most every boy on the team made at least one basket.  It was a real team effort. It was a great lesson for the boys ... while they lost, they never gave up and had a great working effort to try and win as a team.  As a mom, I was proud of them all.  Jack even made his two free throw shots off of a foul.  I was smiling!

A random thought as I was recalling how much of an impact my basketball coach made on me ... my art teacher had that same impact.  It really goes to show one how important teachers, coaches, and parents really are in the life of a child.  Had I not had those experiences, I may not have gone on to major in art at college and long to be an artist ... or love basketball as much as I still do.  Too bad I am not a teacher or a coach ... I guess I will have to settle with being a parent and doing my best to instill "loves" in my children!!