Friday, August 27, 2010

Camping in the Redwoods...

We planned a camping trip to the Redwoods this summer, and we just got back from it. We were so very excited to go see some huge trees and do a little camping. We had great weather, and saw some fun things. The pictures that follow show you a little of what we did.

Jack had a great tree that had fallen and was perfect for perching on - it was the scene for bear hunts, hiking, sword fights, and whatever else came to thought!

Jack was getting ready for some dinner, and I got this face. I love it!

Molly enjoying some much anticipated smore eating!

The kids did a lot of self-entertainment on this stump, which the parents were much appreciative of.

We made a pit stop at the giant Paul Bunyon "statue." The kids were amazed. There is a guy that talks to you while you are standing there looking up at him. He waves, winks, and shakes his head. He was a little too flirty with the women folk for our liking, but we did get a laugh out of it.
Standing inside a tree - and remember how tall Kyle really is!

Jack and me!

Daddy and daughter walking among the trees.

At the end of the trip, the kids kindly posed for a photo on a stump. Classic faces!

Jack was all about climbing on this trip. He found this stump that he made it to the top all by himself. I thought it was a good picture to show how big the tree roots are.

We were heading home after a picnic lunch and afternoon swim in a really cold river, when the car decided it would blow the thermostat and heat up. The kids and I sat on the side of the highway while Kyle hiked a little over a mile to try and find cell phone coverage. He came upon a lodge that let him borrow the phone to call a tow truck. What was suppose to only be an hour wait, was indeed a three and a half hour wait for a pick up. We travelled back to Crescent City to get a hotel room and wait until to the morning to find out our fate. The kids were super excited to get to spend the night in a hotel, and swim in the pool the next morning - they were on a grand adventure while Kyle and I just wanted to get home! They were able to fix the problem and we were on our way home by noon the next day. We arrived home just a mere 24 hours late!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Queen bed...

I have just sold our guest queen bed on craigslist. This is the first thing that I have posted and sold on craigslist. It was easy, and I sold it in a day.

So...for all of those potential house guests of ours, be warned, you will be on a wonderful air mattress when you come and visit with us!

We decided to sell it, because we were told that it really was all that comfortable. Also, it will make more room for me to do artwork and have a kids' art table.

The bathroom...

I have not been in the cleaning mood this summer. Mind you - I have kept up with things, but deep cleaning has not been the first thing on my list. I have been putting off cleaning my bathroom for some time now. For those of you that know me, I am telling the truth. It was beyond needing some tender loving care. I used Kyle coming home last night to spur me on to finally get around to cleaning it. When I was done, there was such satisfaction in how wonderful it felt.

The real reason that I write this all to you - the readers of this blog - is that the other morning as I was getting ready for the day. Molly came in and looked at the floor, while slowly moving her foot back and forth (almost like she was sweeping), she said to me..."Mommy, why do you PUT your hair all over the floor." I laughed a little, smiled, and said to her..."I didn't PUT it there, it just fell out of my head. It seemed to satisfy her, but I knew that indeed I needed to clean the bathroom. Of course as a side note and a little in defense of myself, there is already plenty of hair to sweep yet again this morning. I am toying with the idea of taking a pre-natal vitamin for two reasons... 1. maybe my hair would be a little thicker
2. maybe my hair would not fall out so much

Here is to a clean bathroom, and knowing that it will need cleaning in only a few shorts days again!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday night at a play...

Saturday evening the kids and I went to see a free play of Alice in Wonderland. It was outside at a park. It had been very hot that day, but by play time we were in the shade and there was a great breeze to cool us down. It was perfect. We brought our dinner to enjoy a picnic, and we shared some time with the Perret family! One of the members of the play goes to our church, so we were also there to help support her.

It was hard to hear the play - they are not amplified by much - so the kids lost interest pretty quick, but they did watch some. We were not able to stay for the whole play because there was a bed time to make on time, but we were glad to have the time outside.

My friend, Davina, brought her camera and captured these great photos. I love them!...and I hope you do to. The only thing missing is Kyle. We are ready for him to join the family again tonight!

Monday, August 16, 2010


...lost another tooth! Yeah, one step closer to braces and continuing the process of fixing his bite.

As a side note, I had to pull the tooth out because it was bothering him as he was in the midst of a highly competitive watermelon eating contest with some of his buddies. He said that it keep getting caught and "leaning" forward. So I said I would pull it, and just as I was about to give up because it was not coming - it came out! I was horrified, and let him know that this was a HUGE sign of just how much I loved him. I hate teeth, and it gives me the creeps to watch people wiggle their teeth - let alone have to yank one out of their mouths.

The tooth fairy came...but not that night. He kindly reminded me that we needed to put the tooth under his pillow so that he could get his money. I looked bluntly at him, and said that we couldn't because I did not have the money for the tooth fairy to put under the pillow. I told him that we could get some money in the morning, and I would just give it to him. He was satisified and went to bed. The next morning, I went to the atm and handed him the money. So much for forklore in our house!

There is nothing... new running shoes, 3 days off of running to make a really good Monday late morning run! I felt like I could have run at least a half-marathon today. While Kyle is off pursuing his passion of fish, I am able to still pursue my passion of running. Here is to the marriage supporting one another in their enjoyments.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A fishing Kyle will go...

This is a group shot of the fishing men from our church campout a couple of weeks ago. They had a good time - many of them were first time fishermen!

I use this photo because Kyle left this evening for a week of fishing with his buddies tonight. He was most excited to be heading to Colorado and some LONG days on the river. I only hope that they are able to catch some fish or at least some good stories to tell us when he returns.

The kids and I will miss him when he is gone, but there are things to keep us busy. We are glad that he gets to do what he loves.

We were talking last night about how I don't have any hobbies that allow me a week long get away like he has with fishing. I can't think of anything that I would want to pick up that would take me away for a week - unless there were a running race that I could do out of town. I could leave a couple of days early, and then do the race, and then stay a little longer for a recovery spa weekend. Maybe I should investigate some races out there in a great location - anyone want to join me if I find one!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A little surprise for me...

For those of you following my art "career"... look at what came in the mail the other day. Panel boards to mount some impending collages. I figured if I never had the boards to mount the final pieces on, I would never sit down and work on any new work. I have had LOTS of designs floating in my head over the last many months, but none have been put into action. Now the way I work, those will never come to fruition. However, I will come up with more as I reveal my paper laying flatly on the drawing table. I am excited to get to work!

A skirt from Grammy...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU -- Grammy! Molly (and me!) love the new skirt, and it fits just great. The waist is big enough that if I don't shrink it in the wash it will last us quite some time. I think my mom should sell her knit ware - it is that wonderful and well-made!

Our church campout...

This year we headed to the Metolius river area. It was a great campground, and a wonderful camping trip. We had good weather. The kids loved playing and getting really dirty. I captured a few pictures, but realized that I did not get all that we did - oh well! Here are a few of the pictures that I did get...enjoy!

The kids and I went on a hike, while Kyle did some fishing. We got to see two waterfalls. Jack was the leader of the pack, and wanted to run ahead if only I did not make him stay within eyesight! (My grandparents would have loved to hear about his love of hiking)

We stopped here for lunch. The kids did not really want to take a picture, but I really like the expressions on both of their faces here. Notice how very dirty Jack is here - all boy!

Molly Mae Parker!

We stopped on our way to the hike at a lava made observatory that is really cool. They have these little "windows" to look at each of the mountain peaks that you can see. I thought this was a pretty neat picture. The peak are two of the three Sisters.

I am actually in a picture - thanks, Davina!

My two boys - at the start of the camping trip.

Jack, Thomas and Alex Pendell - his two buddies. I thought this was a really fun picture. Notice the two matching sweatshirts - is this Oregon pride or what!

A whim of mine...

Kyle does not always like to indulge my whims, but he was agreeable to this one a couple of weeks ago. We have been working on our front yard. Since moving into the house, we have thought about ripping the grass out and starting from scratch. Along with that plan, we had planned to rip out the driveway and make the grass area larger. Well, as you have seen, we have taken the driveway out.

Well, there was a large rock that is hidden from the street from an azalea we have. I like to highlight rocks that are in the landscape. One day while doing dishes and looking out the front window, I pondered moving the rock to a more prominent place. I asked Kyle that evening..."Kyle what do you think about moving the rock forward? Do you think we can do it? Do you think we could ask **a friend** to borrow his truck and wench and drag it a little?" Kyle looked at me and said..."I have no **a friend** and ask him."

So I did, and what you see is what happened...

Kyle hooking up the wench line to the rock.

Getting the truck ready to drag the rock.

After a little digging, wondering if it was going to ever move, and a little bit of what were we thinking...the rock moved!

Like I said, a little digging was involved. Like all things in the house, the rock was placed with love and not meant to be moved for a REALLY long time if ever, but we conquered it! The upside of the hole left by the rock is now we have a pre-dug hole for a new tree! Yeah!!

A little smile on a job well done. Thank you Kyle for "letting" me move the rock!