Friday, January 20, 2012

Now if that isn't a pose ...

Molly was poised to have her picture taken so this is the look that I got - at the bowling alley no less! This picture makes me smile because it is so cute. This picture makes me think that time has flown by and I can not believe that my little girl is already this old!

A bowling we will go ...

While my parents were visiting for Christmas, we all went bowling. The kids recently discovered that they actually like to bowl. It was a fun outing, although attitudes were not always the best. Pops had a couple of strikes. I think we were all surprised and impressed with his bowling skills - maybe mom and dad should join a bowling league in Ft. Collins! Grammy and I were the jokes of the team. We had so many gutter balls that one could argue we were not trying - but I promise that we were ... we needed the bumper rails that the kids got to use. Jack was crying in the end because, yes, he came in dead last and knew it. He was so upset that his sister beat him. It was a good parenting moment to teach the young lad about losing, not being good at everything, etc etc etc! In the end, it was a good time!

A hiking we will go ...

While my parents were visiting, we also went on a hike near Eugene. It was not a hard hike, nor a long hike ... but it was a steep hike. The kids fared well, but did need some "encouragement" to make it to the top. It was a great day to go on a hike!

Pops driving us to the hike

Charging ahead to the hike

Grammy and Molly getting "set" for the hike. Both of the kids wanted to have their own backpacks for the hike filled with food and water bottles.

Here come the troops

A little grandpa and grandson moment captured from behind

A rest mid way to the top

Isn't that cute

A rare parent/daughter picture. Now when I gaze at this picture, you know what I see .... I look not like my parents but just like my brother!

Is that Jason standing next to Pops? No, that is his kid sister ... Gretchen

It was a bit windy and cold at the top of the hike. The clouds had moved in and the temperature was dropping, but there was no rain to get wet with at all!

Christmas morning...

Jack with his guns, new dry fit wear, and a look that could kill

Me, looking at something new

New roll tide gear from their Uncle Don - Go Bama!

Kyle thinking why are you taking my picture. My answer ... because you bought me a new camera lens for Christmas - you asked for it!

My wonderful parents

Only a month late...

MERRY CHRISTMAS eve almost a month to the day late ...