Friday, March 22, 2013

My Friday thoughts...

1.  New Year's resolutions are often hard to maintain, but I am able to let go and then move on with desires to keep at it ... so here is to posting again every Friday!  Sorry for the absence.

2.  Yesterday night after the first baseball practice, dinner, and a good hot shower for Jack ... I hear the front door open!  I hear the cars going through the rain on the street.  I yell to the door ... hello.  Jack answers ... it was just me, i was checking to see if we got the mail today.  One would think to themselves ... what a responsible lad and what a great memory to check everyday.  However, I did forget to mention that he literally had just gotten out of the shower, semi dried off his body, and proceeded to have this brain storm ALL WHILE HE WAS NAKED!  YES, our son WENT OUT TO THE MAILBOX IN THE RAIN NAKED!  He came back in and told me it was him.  I asked him ... did you go out to the mailbox naked?  And in true Jack fashion with that little smirk he has perfected said ... yes, i wasn't thinking.  You think so my little man.  Oh to boys!  Oh to nine year old boys!  Oh to Jack ... you have to love them.

3.  After only 17 days on the active market, our house is SOLD!  Now, it still has to be inspected and there very well could be some more negotiation after that but God has answered our prayer quickly, abundantly, and with such blessing.  Kyle and I could not be more thrilled.  We will keep you all posted but if you think of it ... keep praying that the proceedings will go smoothly!

4.  We are leaving for a quick trip to Spokane on Sunday after church and what do you think happened today ... the Suburban decided to breakdown.  Now, there are several ways to look at this happening TODAY of all days.  One ... (this is the silver lining Jack rendition!) at least we were not on the road to Spokane in the middle of the high plains with no where to stop and have it fixed ... at least it happened BEFORE the trip.  Two ... why did the car have to breakdown right before a trip that we will have to be spending money on ... why right before taxes have to be filed ... why in march (Kyle's birthday month!).  It was able to limp to the shop and get fixed.  I don't know how much it cost us, but I do know that we will be on the road to Spokane late afternoon Sunday.  I am choosing to look at both scenarios and be thankful that it was resolved in time for the trip and that we will be able to pay for it thankfulness that it didn't ruin the trip!

Happy Spring Break / Holy Week!  Happy early Easter!