Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last year's school work...

So today I finally got around to cleaning out the craft area, and I found some of the kids' school work from last year. I guess it is appropriate that I post their work from last year since we are starting a new year a week from today!

Molly wrote this at the end of the year ... "My favorite part in kindergarten is being special person." Molly learned to write phonetically last year, which is a treat to read how they think words are written. Nice handwriting ... don't you think!

This time Molly wrote ... "I went to Dickey Joe's over the weekend and got a hamburger and a cone dipped in a bowl."

Molly wrote ... "On the weekend I got a slushie."

My kids have never really LOVED to color or draw, so imagine my surprise when Jack brought home his art spiral and I laid my eyes on his drawings. Enjoy ...

"Cat in the Hat"

"A gopher and a tennis ball"

"A pigeon"

All of Jack's drawings were based off of books that they had read together in class. They are in reverse order of when they were drawn. I have hope that he might come to LOVE to draw in the years ahead and that his talent is just going to be harbored deep inside of him until he comes across that amazing art teacher that awakens it inside of him and he thinks of himself as an artist! One can dream, can't they!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Molly, the no way am I rock climbing climber ...

Molly was excited about rocking climbing the night before, but her FEAR gripped her and would not even allow her to get hooked up. She did put the harness on with many tears, and I made her document the attitude with the picture above for future torture! I love the look I captured, because it gives one a true idea of her mood. After we took the harness off, the last three pictures is what happened next. Molly may not have wanted to climb with the harness, but she was all about free climbing! We could not get her to STOP! She had just a smile on her face and really got the idea of how to do it. It was wonderful to watch her go. I want to point out on the last picture the calf muscle that is shining through - she gets that from her father. I think that she gets the free climbing joy from her uncle Jason! Watch out mountains - there is a future climber coming your way!

Jack, the reluctant rock climber ...

After our church campout, we went to relax in Sunriver, Oregon. It was fantastic, and much needed. At the place we stayed, they had free rock climbing times. The kids were so very excited. Jack got the harness on and was ready to climb. He only went as high as the second picture shows, and then FEAR set in. He said that he did not want to go any higher unless he was standing on a platform. Kyle tried to talk him into facing his fear, but he would have none of it. He ended up crying as he came down, and said to us that he does not like being high up. I guess he has more fear than he lets onto, which I am sure comes from me. We will just hold out hope that he overcomes it and climbs higher next time.

For you, Pops ....

Jack has officially joined the ranks of being a fisherman!
He LOVES it, his father LOVES it, and his mother is glad that they have each other. A father son bond to be there through thick and thin. God has given Kyle a blessing in Jack!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two thoughts for today ....

1. The kids were great today! We came home from walking to the grocery store for some last minute items for our church campout this weekend. I had told them when we got home that I needed to do some work to get ready to leave tomorrow so they needed to play somehow. We are going on TWO and A HALF HOURS of continuous happy play together in both of their rooms - they played together and separately. Ahh .... the joys of having a 7 year old and a 5 year old! ( Now, I realize that tomorrow could be filled with fighting and tears, but today was a grand day with "older" children )

2. While packing for thus stated camping trip, I needed to pack a couple of long pants for each kid so that in the morning and at night when it is chilly they are not cold. I started to pack Jack's clothes and proceeded to have him try on EVERY long pant in his drawers with no luck. HE HAS SUCCESSFULLY OUTGROWN ALL OF HIS LONG PANTS THIS SUMMER! At least we have some sweat pants that will work for this last trip. For those lucky enough to have visited with Jack this summer, you will know that his 82 pounds that I went on and on about has been the reason for his pants not growing. ( Good thing we cancelled a end of the summer camping trip with friends - now we get to spend that money on CLOTHES for our children! Ahh ... the joys of parenthood! )

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flower explosion....

Jack's big kid teeth...

(This is a classic Jack Parker look!)

Jack lost his two upper front teeth right at the end of school, and his new teeth were right there ready to take the space. I have loved watching these teeth come in all summer. I love to watch how they change the look of my young son. I realize that I am a bit goofy about it, but it really does change him. His upper teeth just barely meet the bottom ones, so I am curious to go back to the ortho and see what the next step is. I thought maybe he would have to wear the headgear again, but after examining him tonight I am hopeful that they can finish correcting it through braces!

Oh hair, where have you gone...

We have been toying with the idea of shaving Jack's head with the 1/8 inch clipper. Well when we got back from vacation, I proposed the idea and he jumped at he. He LOVES his hair this short. It was so cute to see him rubbing his hand up and down it all night after we cut it. I love it, and while I love him with hair I figure we will have battles down the line about hair so why not try the really short while everyone is game at the same time!