Monday, February 8, 2010

Molly with pigtails...

On Saturday, we took the kids to Toys r us to spend their Christmas money from their Great-Granny! They were so excited. Jack, of course, bought a Star Wars lego Snowspeeder. Molly and I walked up and down the "girlie" isles trying to find something. We happened upon the Disney Princess isle and there she was...Baby Belle! Kyle was not so sure about buying yet another baby doll, but I was right there to remind him that it was better than buying Polly Pockets or some such that included a million tiny pieces that we would forever be picking up. I thought the doll was great, and she spied a little set that came with a diaper bag, sleeping bag, and play thing - so we got both. We got home and she has not put Baby Belle down. The thing that really attracted her to the doll was her hair. So Sunday, she wanted her hair just like Baby Belle and we did it. We have been growing Molly's hair out, and it is just now long enough to pull back.

I personally think she looks so cute!

I looked at her all day on Sunday, and was reminded of me. I have this picture in my mind when I was a little older than Molly and played soccer. I was on the Hornets team, and our colors were green and white - my favorite. My mom put my hair up in pigtails, and we embellished them with white shoestrings that had green soccer balls on them. I was not that into soccer, but I have always loved that picture. I was hoping to scan that picture in so that I could post it with Molly's picture and I could get those that read the blog to way in on us looking alike or not, but alas I could not find the picture. I did get to look again at some of my baby pictures and realize how much Molly really does favor me as a young girl. I had a lot more freckles at her age, but some of the facial expressions that were captured when I was young is worthy of smiling about when I then look at Molly some days! If you come to my house, you might get lucky - or not, depending on how you look at it - and get to see some of the pictures!