Sunday, July 18, 2010

Removal of a driveway...

We finally got around to demolishing our front driveway this past week. Kyle had access to a free dump trailer, so we figured why not do it now and not have to pay for one later. It was a perfect week of weather - not too hot - so he rented the jackhammer and got under way. The upper part of the driveway surprised us with about of foot in depth of concrete. We shook our head once again at Jack Conner and wondered what he was thinking in his over building of this house. We rest assured now, if we were not before, that this house is not going anyway fast. Kyle got it all broken up and went on down the drive. The next section proved to be less deep but filled with lots of steel mesh that he had to break apart in order to get it in pieces and onto the trailer. The asphalt at the end of the drive was the easiest, but there was a lot of 3/4 crushed rock that we had to scoop up and get rid of. We have a little clearing left to do, but then we will utilize the trailer once again to bring in some dirt. I will post more pictures as the project progresses. (And just in case you were wondering - Kyle did wear ear protection, and the kids and I stayed inside with doors and windows shut so that we did not have to hurt our ears!)

Outerbanks, part 2...

Outerbanks, a little late...

I am sharing a few of the pictures that we captured with the one and only camera in our family. They are a little late, but were ones that I loved and help cement the trip into my mind as a great one.

My girl can jump...

Molly and Eleanor thought it great fun to jump "over" the waves at the beach. I was able to capture Molly getting some "air", and I was most impressed with her. Look at how high she got!!

A little practice makes perfect...

After our day in the mountains, Kyle remembered that he had an old reel and rod that he could give to Jack for some fishing. Jack was the most excited little boy that night, and he most desperately wanted to go out back and practice some casting. I was already heading out the door for a friend's birthday party, but a friend prompted me to take a picture of them before we left.

They are standing on the edge of the river - the bank - and casting into the "Parker"river, which is green.

When I got home, I asked Kyle if they caught any fish. He replied that yes he had caught lots of Mollys and Jacks. They were a little hard to reel into the bank, but he did have a successful fish. I think that Kyle's dream of having kids that will love to fish is coming true! Now he just has to keep up the praying that his wife will follow suit - so far no luck. I will stick to the bank with my book and crazy creek!

Scouting out the Metolius River...

On Wednesday we ventured up to the Metolius river to "scout" out the campsite for our upcoming camping trip with the church. It was a wonderful day - just right for weather. The kids were excited for the adventure and possibility of fishing. Kyle was excited to don his new fishing waders in hope of catching some trout. The fish were not all that excited about be caught, but Kyle was able to share his love of fishing with Jack, who was super thrilled about being in the river with his dad. The pictures that follow are a little glimpse into our great day in the mountains...enjoy!

The kids loved climbing out on the falling trunks, and Kyle was more than willing to stand out there with them for a little support.

A man in his natural environment doing the one thing he loves the most - cast the line in hope of that perfect fish!

Molly giving her daddy some love atop a trunk that she found a way to climb onto all by herself.

They actually stood still long enough and looked right at me at the same time to capture this picture. Although, it is not the best smile for either of them - I look at it and smile real big because I know what is behind those smiles!

A "Molly" captured picture of our guys from the ground looking up at them. I think she did a great job, and love this one.

A quick lesson for Jack on how to "stand" in the river so that one does not get swept down the river - keep your legs apart, knees bent, and move one foot at a time.

Molly's own styling of her hat and sunglasses before we headed out on the river. She would have worn this all day had I not corrected it so that her ears were in fact covered and protected!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th for Jack...

A little break for some sweets

But mostly time spent on the bike going way too fast around the park. Enjoyment to have such freedom!

July 4th for Molly...

A little bike riding

A little bit of swinging

A whole cup of goldfish

And a funny face for mom and camera

In the end a little relaxing with the legs crossed and looking so content

Yellow Roses...

Kyle and I have a couple friend who LOVES to grow roses. She is very experienced and knows a lot about them. We had her and her husband over for dinner a couple of nights ago, and she brought me the most gorgeous bouquet of roses that I have ever seen. There are so many different kinds in the arrangement, and they all smell so heavenly. The big one in the second picture that almost looks like a peony smelled like citrus - almost lemon - and it was so strong. It made me want to plant some more roses in our garden. I have smelled them multiple times a day since getting them. I love roses!

Happy Father's Day (really late!)...

I snapped this a week late (because we were traveling home from our family reunion on the actual day!).