Sunday, October 31, 2010

Actual Halloween pictures...

We did our annual trick or treating with friends in their very "family friendly" neighborhood. We had good weather, which means no downpour, and it was not too cold. The pictures that followed make me grin. The kids were so excited about getting candy. The kids were all so good. They were overjoyed at each piece. There were no meltdowns or bad attitudes this year. The amount of candy is more than they need, but then again isn't that what halloween is all about!

Molly helping our friend, Jaycee, to the next house. She is two, and so precious!

Molly and Camille holding hands to the next house.

I thought this was a great picture of two princesses - one young and one old. It almost looks as though Molly is "teaching" Jaycee something about how to be a princess.

Jack, my superman, before getting candy. I was glad that Jack chose to be something other than a Duck fan/football player. It is good to broaden his horizons!

Molly, my princess, before candy. She told me that princesses do not really wear scarves, but that she was going to tonight because it was a little cold outside and she did not want to freeze!

Pumpkin carving...

This was the first year that the Parker family has carved pumpkins. The kids never had asked before so I was lazy and said let's wait until they ask to do it. This was the year! Jack picked out the big one just for carving. We did it last Saturday. It had been raining for some time and we were worried that it was never going to work out to do it outside, but in the afternoon last week it stopped just long enough to have some fun. The kids were excited. They drew the faces themselves, and then I used the knife to do the cutting. Kyle was working on his own. He went to the garage and came back with his power drill. He decided that he would make his special with polka dots. Well, that was it. That was what everyone had to have on their pumpkin. It was so cute watching the kids beg for their polka dots. Kyle may think he is not creative, but he is an artist in his own right.

Pumpkin patch 2010 #3...

A couple of weeks ago Molly had her class field trip to a pumpkin patch. Mind you, it was one we had already visited, but this time Kyle got to go with us because it was on a Monday which is his day off of work. It was a cloudy gray Oregon day, but the kids had fun. Molly was more than excited that her dad got to go with her on the field trip. I think that three trips to see pumpkins is more than enough, and that next year we might shoot for just one visit!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My little princess...

What else can I say about this picture. I think it captures it all without words.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin patch 2010 #2...

Friday the kids were not in school, so we headed off to Lone Pine (another pumpkin patch/farm). We went there because we had a coupon for a free pumpkin from our realtor, and who could pass up something free!

Jack wanted to find the biggest one he could. I only told him that he had to be able to pick it up all by himself.

Jack's jog-a-thon...

***These pictures are backward***

Enjoying a well earned popsicle

Trying to figure out just how many laps they all completed - with a little competition

Jack walking around the track

Jack running around the track

Jack did a great job at his jog a thon this year. He completed 11 laps, which is one lap more than last year. It was a wonderful sunny warm day. They had lots of fun, but yet again this year the highlight of the morning for Jack was riding on the school bus to the high school track! Ahh, the little pleasures.

Thank you to all of you who help to support Jack again this year! We truly appreciate it.

Pumpkin patch 2010 #1...

We did our annual trip to Detering's Apple days on the first weekend in October. It was a glorious day - warm and sunny. The kids always have fun at this orchard because there is a hay maze, free pumpkin, cider, apple cobbler, ice cream, and this year I let them get their faces painted. I love the first picture, because it shows one of Molly crazy faces, and Jack enjoying very much the scoop of ice cream he got to eat!

Sailing in Tahoe...

I surprised Kyle with a trip to Tahoe about a month ago for a belated 40th birthday celebration. We had a fabulous time. We did alot of stuff. Kyle's cousin and his wife joined us on the trip - also a 40th celebration for them. We went sailing one day - our only cloudy day. It was a bit cold, but we had fun. Lawny and Holly took turns "driving" the boat. Kyle and I just relaxed and let others be in charge!