Sunday, October 30, 2011

Runaway pumpkin run ...

So yesterday, I ran a half marathon with some friends up in Lebanon, Oregon. It was a perfect fall misty Oregon morning. You were supposed to "dress" up for the race, of course real serious runners would not bother with such trivial things! We did wear tutus and that is how far we went. It was Davina's idea, but she was not able to run due to a really bad sinus infection. So ... we wore them in honor of her! I ran my fastest yet ... 1:37. I was third in my age group - and even got a glass for such an accomplishment. I was 36th overall. I felt pretty good. I was not anticipating doing as well because I had not trained as hard or as long compared to my Seattle race back in June. I guess I really do have a competitive spirit - Coach Morrill would be so surprised and proud of me!

Hope you had a great Saturday!