Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The kids and their teachers....

 Molly and Miss Anna

 Molly and Miss Kasey

 Jack and Mrs. Mikesell

Jack and Mrs. Selven

The kids have ended their school year with great celebration!  They had a great year, and each of them is looking forward to being in the next grade.  I have great plans for the summer to keep up with their reading and math work, but I guess only time will tell if I keep to my word.  They are excited about the new workbooks, and Jack is really into his reading ... so I have great hope!!  Of course, there will be plenty of play and summer fun along the way.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So I kind of forgot ...

.... to post what the rest of Mother's day looked like.  I just remembered tonight.  It was a sunny warm day, and the kids just begged to run in the sprinklers for the first time this season.  We obliged, and they were more then thrilled.  Of course with the sprinklers, comes the request to fill the water guns.  They had just grand day.  Enjoy ....

 Ready, aim, fire

 If you don't guard your guns, Daddy might pick them up and come after you

 Jack without arms, and not doing well with his sister successfully coming after him

 Jack finally getting his turn at shooting the gun

Then the weapons were put down for a little sliding practice ... Jack was sliding into "home" plate!

Budding artists...

Here is some more artwork that the kids created on their dry erase boards.  Molly just kept drawing and drawing, while Jack was reading to me.  At the end, Jack just had to get in his sports team drawing.  He told me that he did the Colorado State just like Kyle's logo on his hat!  Enjoy ....