Monday, November 15, 2010

Granma comes for a visit...

Granma came for her first ever visit to Oregon. She got a little sunshine, but then typical fall weather complete with mist and gray skies. She got to see a little of the color that we get to enjoy each year with falls here. We were all excited to share our home and little bit of life with her. It was a crazy few days. I am sure that she is returning home more tired then when she came. Life with two kids is always busy, but when it is around their birthdays it raises it another level. We kept her on her toes!

Granma blowing a kiss to Molly as she took the picture. We were at the basketball game for Jack.

Molly not wanting to take a picture, but me saying she could make a face as long as she was looking at me.

Granma and her grankids with their first ever build a bear birthday treats! They loved making these "bears" but loved it even more because Granma was there to do it with them.

Shirley we loved having you here, and hope to have you come again before too long!

Jack's 7th Birthday...

Jack's birthday was on Saturday. What a day it was! He got to watch Sports Center with Kyle in the morning, then we headed out to a movie in the afternoon, then off to get a Dairy Queen slushie (his choice!), then straight to his first two basketball games of the season, then a quick race home to watch the Ducks beat Cal with jambalaya (again his choice!) with cornbread. It was a busy day, but there were lots of smiles on our little boy. He had a great birthday.

Jack opening his much wanted Star Wars lego with figurines

Jack seeing his new desk for the first time. He has not left his room since he got it! (We did good!!)

Jack's pose at my request for his 7th birthday picture. Classic Jack smile

Jack's new night spy glasses - they are so cool.

He may have chosen a slushie for his birthday treat, but I had to have something that he could blow candles out with, so I made a batch of molasses cookies then added some green frosting and lit the candles for a birthday song and strong blowout.

We can't believe our little "baby" is seven years old. He has really changed since that first year of parenthood in Colorado. Time flies, and kids grow fast. He is a treasure and makes us smile.

Jack's 7th Birthday (at school)...

Jack enjoyed having his birthday "celebrated" at school. Long gone are the days of homebaked goodies for all to enjoy. Replacement comes in the form of store bought cookies. The kids in his class each make him a birthday card that he got to enjoy when he came home that day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Molly's 5th Birthday...

Yesterday, we celebrated our little girl turning 5 years old! Kyle and I still can't believe that she is that old. We moved to Eugene when she was 9 months old, and now look at her. Time has really flown by. The other day I was asking Kyle when we started calling her the "bear." He said it was soon after we moved here. While the reason that we call her the "bear" has changed, she is still our little baby bear. We love her. Enjoy the pictures from the day. We wish that loved ones could have been here to help celebrate, but we know that you sent birthday wishes her way from afar!

I made more cupcakes so that she had something to blow her candles out on her actual birthday. I think what I love most about this picture is actually me looking at her with a smile - I know that I am thinking what a precious gift God gave us when he gave us Molly Clark.

Molly is actually smiling and laughing at her brother in this picture. Jack was behind me getting her to smile.

A nice posed plastered smile picture of the kids together. They really did not want to pose for me.

Although Molly does not look happy in this picture, she was quiet thrilled with her birthday gifts. They were perfectly themed, which was not planned, but a great surprise. It was a ballerina themed day. She opened presents, and the leotard, tutu, and ballerina doll did not leave her body ALL day long! Way to go family!

Molly got a new bed from Kyle and I this year. We had to return her other bed to Jason and Caroline when they moved away this last summer, so her mattress and boxspring had been on the floor. (which I liked because there were no dust bunnies to sweep up!) She was surprised and excited with the new bed. Kyle put it together while we were at violin lessons. Way to go dad!

We are delighted to see what Molly's sixth year of life will bring our way. She is quite the little girl and makes us smile with the things she says and does. She makes us cry and wonder what is going on with you - but that is parenting. Keep checking back to see what she will do next.

Molly's 5th Birthday (at school)...

I brought homemade (yes, I broke the store bought rule) cupcakes for Molly's birthday on Thursday to school. She was so very excited. She was also the special person for the week, so she felt mighty big all week long! The other thing she was excited about was that I was going to come for a little bit of school and stay for snack time. (Now does that tell you something about how much time I spend in the classroom!) I thought this picture was a classic expression for her. I love it!

By the way, the three clips were her idea. I thought it was a bit overkill, but she wore them with pride. She has her own style. I am sure that almost all mothers of girls have let go of the control of hair and clothes knowing that they might not always choose what you would have chosen.