Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our family reunion...

I forgot the camera.

Caroline and Jason forgot their camera.

Grammy and Pops to the rescue! They remembered their camera.

So, yes, we did get some pictures. However, that also means that Grammy and Pops have them all so one day I will get a copy of the pictures and post some of them on the blog along with stories and memories of our trip. It just might be a recalling of the trip a few months from now, instead of right now! It will keep my "reader" waiting in anticipation and coming back for more - right?!

Strawberry picking 2010...

Jack enjoying the fruit in field. Last year the kids did not pick that many, instead they ate while in the fields. This year Jack actually picked close to one whole bucket!
Molly looking out over the fields - dreaming of strawberries!
The "fruit" of our "hard" labor.
Boys will be boys! Jack and his friend, Noah, found the stakes and immediately turned them into swords for a quick fight.
Girls will be girls. Molly and her friend, Naomi, found flowers to pick and make their own bouquet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New picture of Molly...

This is the latest picture of "Molly Mae."

I love it. I love the purple "house" matching her purple vest, and the expression is totally Molly. We were at some friends' house celebrating their daughter's birthday. Another friend captured the picture - he is great at taking pictures. I am excited to share this one with you. I only wonder what she was saying to him as he was taking the picture. I can think of a million and one things that she could have been saying.

I hope this finds you doing well, and having a great week. We are busy with end of the school events, and getting ready to leave for a family reunion across the country. I am sure there will be pictures posted of fun times had by the Parker family in the Outer Banks. Stay tuned for stories to be recounted...